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Amazon also has prepaid yearly options for families with either one or more children. Amazon has also added a variety of new software features to keep kids reading. In addition to the Kindle's built-in dictionary, the Kids Edition includes a feature called Word Wise that will automatically define any difficult words. The e-reader will turn any word a child lookups into a flashcard for later review.

There are also achievement badges to earn, as well as more fun wallpapers than the ones that come standard with the company's other Kindles. It's also worth mentioning the Kids Edition is based on the Kindle update Amazon announced in March , so it includes an adjustable front light. The Kindle Kids Edition is available to pre-order starting today, and it will ship on October 30th.

If you buy two of the e-readers at the same time, Amazon will give you 25 percent off the total price of the two products.

Kindle Publishing: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on Kindle

Buyer's Guide. Recent Articles Save. You might also like See More. Refine Clear all. Devices Refine Results Apps. Share via. Facebook Messenger. Copy Link. Powered by Social Snap. Report that lower price using the automated tool. I also recommend contacting Amazon more directly via the contact page on the KDP site. Say something like this:. I would really like it if you would consider making the book free on your store as well. And, to be clear, my long-term aim is to sell a lot of work, at full price, through your store.

I very much appreciate your help. Fingers crossed. The results can be very good. I did a freebie in January using roughly this method. I notched up about 10, downloads in the first week, through Amazon alone. Other e-stores were additional. Some further downloads followed though at a much lower rate.

And of course, my mailing list took a terrific jump upwards and I got plenty of emails and reviews from readers telling me that they loved that first book so much, they wanted to jump right into the rest of the paid series. If you agree to work exclusively with Amazon — by enrolling in KDP Select — you will enjoy the ability to schedule Kindle Countdown promotions, which give you the opportunity to price your book cheaply, or for free, for 7 days in every 90 day period.

If you are exclusive to Amazon, and I think the default choice for new authors is probably to go exclusive as you learn the ropes, then you should use these opportunities fully. With other approaches in this section, you pay nothing or little to give your work away for free. With the Facebook approach, you pay real money to acquire each new reader.

That arithmetic does not look attractive to me, but it is possible to make things work, if:. The people who succeed with Facebook ads do tend to have a lot of work to sell and they work hard and intelligently at managing their ad campaigns — which is all fine. All the same, do you want to be an ad manager or a writer? If like me you think the business of managing a Facebook ad portfolio could quickly become wearisome, there are probably better ways to do this.

Amazon Alexa: The definitive guide to making your home smarter

The one real exception I can think of applies to new writers who do have some cash to spare who just want to get on and do it. Just be aware that paid-for emails will have a lower conversion rate than freebie ones. One is via book discount sites. The info you need about these sites can be found via Nicholas Erik here.

Use those tools! Especially for newer indies, they are an indispensible way to get the word out. An excellent additional support is Prolific Works formerly Instafreebie. Those guys have good email lists themselves, but they also have great tools for collaborating with other author and cross-promoting work there. One indie author, J.

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Not even joking. It could have been per day had I figured out that I need to require an email address to download. I also moved on from Facebook. So think about joining Jericho Writers and getting a TON of really classy learning materials that take you step by step through the whole process. We have written a great book.

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Commissioned a great cover. Got great front and end material. On the one hand, yes, there are advanced strategies out there — and they make sense — but mostly, no. That algorithm is crucial, but it involves just a tiny bit of arithmetic, so bear with me.

How to use a Kindle e-Reader [[For first timers]]

A score is calculated for every book on the system. Those scores are placed in order. It tells you that short term movements in sales are intensely influential in determining overall rank. Good target, right? Well, you have broadly two ways to get there:.

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You can sell roughly e-books every day for a month, or you can sell roughly e-books in a single day. The first of those things is very hard to achieve. How, after all, would you even do it?

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The sales surge powers you right up the Amazon sales charts. All the good stuff you did with categories and keywords means your book will get to be visible right where it needs to be: in the exact places that your potential readers are browsing. All the good stuff you did with covers and your Look Inside section means those browsers will convert into readers.

And those guys are new readers. But it gets better. Because all the lovely stuff you did with the end material of your book means that your new one-time readers will soon turn into your committed fans. You turn that wheel and keep it turning, with book launch after book launch. If your work is strong enough to keep your readers reading, your sales will only increase from cycle to cycle.

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Loads of indie-publishers will aim to write and publish a book every three months. If anything, the trend is for writers to try and bring that down to one every two months. You want a nice life, and you want to be artistically proud of your books, so where do those things settle for you? Are your current writing rhythms capable of change or are you happy where you are? That still leaves plenty of months where your book sales spitter-spatter along at the rate of a few books per title per day.

Well, as I say, there are five basic add-on techniques that you will start to use as you build out your series.

mickgodopre.gq They are:. You can go either way on this or, indeed, vary your approach. There are prominent voices on both sides of the fence. I strongly urge newer indies to go Amazon exclusive at the start. Till then, stick with Uncle Jeff Bezos. Most of my mailing list growth is organic: people like my books and sign up. You may feel differently. You might want to outsource some tasks to third parties. You might want to do it all yourself. Once upon a time, that would have seemed like a strange question. If you do well in English language markets, literary agents have a role to play in selling those additional rights.

Foreign language sales. Film and TV. Or maybe you want to go for the full traditional publication with some portion of your portfolio? Or in one specific national market, such as the UK? We hope! Some people. But OK. About the author Harry Bingham has been a pro author for twenty years and more.